We offer a partnership of trust and mutual respect between hospital staff and patients.

The Psychiatry Department of Rachit Hospital, a multispeciality hospital in Gorakhpur offers a wide range of diagnostic, psychotherapeutic, and medical management of psychiatric disorders. With a commitment to providing the best treatment, Rachit Hospital employs a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable psychiatrists and psychologists to provide Mental Health care to every one according to international standards.

Today’s psychiatric care encompasses a wide range of aspects of the body and mind. Knowing when you have a fever is simple, but recognising a mental health issue is more challenging. Our ability to cope with life is reflected in how we think, feel, and behave. It also affects our decision-making, interpersonal interactions, and stress responses. Mental illness is like any other physical sickness since our brains are just like any other part of our bodies. The mental disease requires care and treatment just like physical illness does. Additionally, most persons with mental problems are able to live healthy and fulfilling lives with the proper care, much like many physical conditions.

Issues like mood disorders, depression, anxiety, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating difficulties, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can all be helped by a wide range of medical and psychotherapy approaches.

At the hospital, a multidisciplinary team assesses patients by conducting in-person interviews, psychiatric evaluations, and laboratory tests.

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