We offer a partnership of trust and mutual respect between hospital staff and patients.

Orthopaedics Department at Rachit Hospital, the best super speciality hospital in Gorakhpur is the leading provider of cutting-edge orthopaedic procedures and treatments. The facility offers surgical treatments using the most up-to-date arthroscopic and reconstructive methods, such as major joint replacements, hip resurfacing, shoulder surgeries, arthroscopies, laminectomies, the most delicate hand surgeries, and more. The advanced technologies used in the centre support the most sophisticated medical devices and a team of highly skilled doctors.

Since the inception of the Orthopaedics department at Rachit Hospital, we have been leaders in performing a variety of routine & high-end procedures, including contemporary fracture fixation techniques using interlocking nails, locking plates, etc. Here, arthroscopic surgery is frequently carried out on a variety of joints, including the knee, shoulder, ankle, and elbow.

Common symptoms of orthopaedic problems

Pain from injuries in different parts of the body

Joint pain in different parts of the body

Swollen bodily parts

Our orthopaedic specialists and surgeons are highly skilled and experienced.
Outstanding clinical results from cutting-edge orthopaedic surgery.
Laminar airflow is available in operating rooms.
The centre use instruments of the highest calibre
The ICU is well-equipped for postoperative care
The diagnostic centre uses image intensifiers, digital X-rays, and CT scans, for identifying defects
Excellent physiotherapy service backup is available here.
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