We offer a partnership of trust and mutual respect between hospital staff and patients.

Department of Ophthalmology at Rachit Hospital in Gorakhpur offers modern medical and surgical care in all facets of adult and paediatric ophthalmology. Through the integration and application of our collective expertise, we offer patient-centred management of ophthalmic issues. The facility offers cutting-edge surgical operations using the most recent surgical and reconstructive methods. We have a group of highly skilled surgeons who are assisted with the most advanced medical tools and procedures. The medical speciality of ophthalmology, practised at Rachit Hospital, focuses on treating disorders and performing surgical procedures on the visual pathways, which include the eye, brain, and areas surrounding the eyes.

The ophthalmological issues treated at the best multispecialty hospital in Gorakhpur are LASIK, Specs Removal, Cataract, Dry Eye, Lazy Eye, Digital Eye Strain, Eye Allergies, Glaucoma, Squint, Red Eye, Cornea and Eye Transplant, and Watering Eyes.

Common symptoms of eye disorders

Red eyes


Light sensitivity



Dry eyes

Watery or teary eyes

Blurred or distorted vision

Swelling in eyes

The ophthalmological centre of Rachit Hospital is equipped with the latest and advanced tools and machinery.
Highly specialised and skilled eye doctors and surgeons treat patients effectively.
The centre offers affordable eye care
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