We offer a partnership of trust and mutual respect between hospital staff and patients.

Rachit Hospital, the super speciality hospital, with top-notch facilities and more than 100 beds, is the leading hospital in Gorakhpur for treating conditions related to general surgery. The surgeons at Rachit Hospital are among the top general surgeons in Gorakhpur.

General Surgery has now evolved into a highly specialised division at Rachit Hospital that provides the most up-to-date medical equipment, surgical methods, and management regimens for some of humanity’s most prevalent disorders.

The treatments for illnesses ranging from straightforward appendix surgery to complex procedures such as laparoscopic gastric bypass, ileo-anal pouches, thymectomy, etc. Evidence-based care for anorectal disorders, hernias, and gallstones is available between these two ranges.

At Rachit Hospital, the highly skilled general surgeons treat patients with the following conditions:
Emergency surgery is performed for a variety of conditions, such as blunt and piercing injuries, accidents, peritonitis, intestinal blockage, acute abdomen, etc.
Advanced laparoscopic and less invasive procedures like laparoscopic cholecystectomy and hernia repair are among them.
Vascular surgery is also performed by our skilled and trained surgeons.
Endocrine surgery is performed for the parathyroid gland in the neck and the adrenal gland above the kidney. Our
general surgeons are experts in handling these surgeries.
Disorders of the gall bladder and surgical jaundice.
Modern treatment for anorectal conditions like fissures, fistulas, and piles.
Modern treatment for different types of hernias (Laparoscopic and Open techniques).
Laparoscopic Surgery Using a Single Incision.
Care for diabetic wounds (diabetes foot)
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