CanCare at Rachit Hospital, the multispeciality hospital in Gorakhpur, is a comprehensive multidisciplinary institute that works together with the most advanced technology and highly qualified healthcare specialists. Doctors, nurses, and other staff members of Rachit Hospital are all knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced which makes us the best cancer hospital in Gorakhpur.

Rachit Hospital in Gorakhpur is famous for maintaining all areas of medical care with the best and cutting-edge facilities, including the oncology department. CanCare offers facilities, such as Chemotherapy, both systemic and regional, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Immunotherapy, Management of Pain, Tactical Therapy, Image Guided Radiotherapy, and more.

To detect cancer, several screening programs are devised at our state-of-the-art laboratory.

The oncologists at CanCare, with the help of the most advanced medical and surgical technology, review each patient and develop an appropriate treatment plan. We try to incorporate all aspects of patient care, including physical, psychological, spiritual, and social dimensions.

Symptoms of Cancer

Warts or painless lumps on the body

Sore throat

Lump in throat


Blood in stool or urine

Change in voice

Blood in mucus

Difficulty in swallowing

White or red spot in mouth and tongue

Painless lump on hands and legs

Lump in breast

Blood discharge from nipples

Postmenopausal bleeding

Sudden abdominal distention


At CanCare, we offer the following condition-specific cancer care

Gastro Intestinal Cancer

Breast Cancer

Throat Cancer

Oral Cancer

Lung Cancer

Anal Uterus Cancer

Uro Oncology

Prostrate cancer

Liver Cancer

Bone marrow transplant

Pancreas cancer

Colorectal cancer surgery (Open and laparoscopic)

Thyroid cancer

Aplastic anaemia


Multiple myeloma

Blood cancer

State-of-the-art facility
On-site diagnostic centre
Psycho-Social Counselling: CanCare features the best supportive care facilities for cancer treatment in the form of psycho-social therapy.
Follow-up: CanCare includes follow-up as a crucial part of treatment. The main goal of follow-up in cancer management is early discovery and prompt recurrence management. This improves patients’ quality of life and increases their chances of survival.
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