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Frequent Headaches? Does it indicate something serious?

Coping with everyday headaches is not-so-easy task. It creates anxiety about the next episode, personal suffering, impaired quality of life, and furthermore financial burden.

Headache is one of the most common types of neurological disorder. The weird thing is only 10 percent of headache results from a specific cause.

top 5 hospitals in Gorakhpur

Do not worry, frequent headaches are not always due to brain tumour or aneurysm, but anxiety, stress can be one of the reasons behind your headache. Other common causes of headache could be loss of sleep or insomnia, alcohol abuse, workload and hectic lifestyle, shift jobs, sensory triggers such as bright light or loud noise, using screen for longer hours, hunger, and dehydration as well as genetics.

A headache is considered chronic when it lasts for more than 15 days in a month. Secondary headaches are due to underlying medical conditions. Consult in top 5 hospitals in Gorakhpur.

Common types of headaches

Tension Headache

Almost everyone has experienced this kind of headache. It is the most common type of headache presents with dull aching pain, and a band of tightness is felt in the head. It is relieved with over-the-counter medication like acetaminophen, ibuprofen. But overuse of these drugs leads to ‘rebound headaches’ or ‘medication overuse headaches’. Heat therapy and relaxation techniques remain effective.


Migraine is a disability characterised by severe throbbing headache and pulsing sensation on one side of head. Migraine is derived from a Latin word hemicrania meaning hemi (half) and crania (skull); pain is attributed to only half the side of the head.

It is a neurological disorder in which a recurring headache is accompanied by other symptoms. Symptoms last from hours to several days. Migraine affects daily routine, working as well as studying efficiency.

Migraine headaches are different from headaches related to other disorders. Frequency, duration, course, and symptoms of migraine is variable in different people. Migraines can affect all age groups. Consult the best neurologist doctor in Gorakhpur.

Cluster headache

As the name suggests it comes with a bunch of episodes over the week and lasts for 6 to 12 weeks. These are characterised by recurrent episodes of extremely severe headache, usually present around one eye with tearing and redness of the eye, runny or blocked nose and the eyelid may droop.

Cluster headaches typically start a few hours after you sleep. It is more common in men. Chronic smoking, alcohol, and certain foods trigger cluster headaches.

New daily persistent headache or NDPH

These headaches are of sudden onset and without any history of previous headache. The symptoms may mimic cluster headache or migraine. Doctors may require tests to rule out if the headache is secondary that is due to medical conditions, or it is NDPH. The symptoms differ from mild to severe in different patients.

Sinus headache

In sinus headache pain is present along the course of sinus that is in cheekbones, forehead, over the bridge of nose. It is due to infection or inflammation of the sinus. Other symptoms may include runny nose and congestion, puffed or fluffy face, fever etc.

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Clinicians need to be skilled and experienced to diagnose headache accurately. Patients should keep a record of their symptoms, frequency, and severity of episodes, what are trigger factors to help in diagnosis. CT scan and MRI are image testing to rule out neurological disorders, ruptured blood aneurysm, tumour, and infections. Consult in best hospital in Gorakhpur.


Two types of medicinal approaches work for headache. The first is to prevent the attack and second is to stop the attack and symptomatic treatment. Along with medicines lifestyle changes and stress management are mandatory to alleviate headaches.

Biofeedback and cognitive behavioural therapy are proven effective in specific forms of headache such as migraine.

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