If you require dialysis, you should opt for one conveniently near your house or place of employment, regardless of the dialysis method used there. In case of kidney failure, frequent dialysis eliminates waste items, an abundance of liquid, salts, and poisons from the blood. Since patients require regular dialysis, it is essential that dialysis centre must be nearby and affordable.

Rachit Hospital, the top dialysis facility in Gorakhpur, has qualified doctors for dialysis procedures. We provide low-cost dialysis treatments under the supervision of qualified nephrologists.  

Here, let us know what dialysis is, its types, and the best dialysis facility in Gorakhpur.

Know what dialysis is and its types

Renal replacement therapy usually referred to as dialysis, is used when the kidney’s normal function to filter blood and remove wastes fails. A person who needs dialysis is likely to have lost between 85 and 90 percent of their renal function. The most common types of dialysis include

  1. Intermittent Haemodialysis (HID)
  2. Peritoneal dialysis (PD)

Intermittent Hemodialysis or simply hemodialysis is one way to treat advanced kidney failure which enables you to lead a normal life despite your failing kidneys. During the process, blood is drawn from the body, put through a machine to filter it, and then put back into the body. Though hemodialysis can occasionally be carried out at home, it is mostly done in a medical facility, such as the top dialysis facility in Gorakhpur, under the supervision of a kidney expert and other specialists.

When undergoing hemodialysis, you must:

  • Maintain a regular treatment program.
  • Regular medicine intake
  • Make dietary adjustments

On the other hand, during peritoneal dialysis, a cleaning solution is injected into a portion of your abdomen via a catheter. The peritoneum lining your belly functions as a filter to take waste materials out of the blood. The fluid with filtered waste items flows out of the abdomen and is thrown out after a certain period of time. It can either be done at home or the workplace or at a dialysis facility such as the top dialysis facility in Gorakhpur under the supervision of renal experts from Rachit Hospital, Gorakhpur.

Peritoneal dialysis might be a better choice for you in case you

  • Can’t stand the hemodialysis-related abrupt shifts in fluid balance.
  • Don’t want dialysis to interfere with your daily activities.
  • Wish for easier work or travel.
  • Still have some residual renal function.

The other but not very common is continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT), which is used for providing renal support for critically ill patients. This is a non-stop slow dialysis therapy, which mimics the functioning of kidneys in regulating the patient’s water, electrolytes, and toxic products.  

Why should you choose Rachit Hospital for dialysis?

Rachit Hospital, the best multispecialty hospital in Gorakhpur, endeavors to alleviate the suffering of patients, by providing the best healthcare facilities at the most affordable price. Dialysis is the regular therapy applied for patients with kidney failure, therefore the facilities providing dialysis should be the best and most affordable. Rachit Hospital offers the top dialysis facility in Gorakhpur. The reasons that make it the best are as follows

  • We have the best specialist with extensive skills.
  • Our dialysis facility has a state-of-the-art infrastructure.
  • The renal specialist at Rachit Hospital follows a vigilant approach to acute renal diseases.
  • We offer a low-cost dialysis program.
  • The top dialysis facility in Gorakhpur maintains a clean and safe environment.
  • We offer seamless care and the best treatment to our patients.

If you choose to have a care companion, the professionals at the top dialysis facility in Gorakhpur will teach you how to perform some or all of your treatments independently. Similar to traditional in-center hemodialysis, self-care hemodialysis is performed at a dialysis clinic three times a week for about four hours per session.


Rachit Hospital, offering the top dialysis facility in Gorakhpur, is a multispecialty hospital in Gorakhpur, conveniently located and adorned with the latest medical technologies and an efficient panel of doctors. These facilitate the smooth functioning of the hospital and offer the best treatment to the patient for their quick recovery.

If you are suffering from kidney failure, visit the top dialysis facility in Gorakhpur.

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